Djibouti Is Dangerously Becoming a Trigger for Transregional Destabilization

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Djibouti Is Dangerously Becoming a Trigger for Transregional Destabilization

March 9, 2018| Arlaadi Online

The delicate balance of power in the Horn of Africa might soon be broken by the developing situation inside of Djibouti surrounding the future ownership of its main port, with the possible American-Emirati reaction to this potentially serving as a trigger for militarily activating the complex transregional alliance system that’s formed in this part of the world over the past couple of years.

Making A Mountain Out Of A Molehill

The tiny state of Djibouti is once again making global headlines after its government ended a contract with an Emirati port operator late last month that was in control of the country’s most important container terminal. The move followed a multi-year dispute that culminated in what Abu Dhabi decried as an “illegal seizure” of its asset, but which the national authorities said was a necessary action to end the stalemate. This seemingly insignificant commercial spat would have remained irrelevant to international politics had the US not decided to weigh in earlier this week in supporting its Emirati ally.

Reuters reported that the top America military official in Africa, Marine General Thomas Waldhauser,responded to speculation in Congress that Djibouti was supposedly planning to “give [the port] to China as a gift” by ominously warning that

“If the Chinese took over that port, then the consequences could be significant”.

Republican Representative Bradley Byrne went even further by speculating that

“If this was an illegal seizure of that port, what is to say that government wouldn’t illegally terminate our lease before its term is up?”

These statements have thus turned an ordinarily uneventful dispute that’s destined for the Court of International Arbitration into a full-fledged geopolitical scandal. Read more Djibouti Is Dangerously Becoming a Trigger for Transregional Destabilization

Andrew Korybko is an American Moscow-based political analyst specializing in the relationship between the US strategy in Afro-Eurasia, China’s One Belt One Road global vision of New Silk Road connectivity, and Hybrid Warfare.

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