Help Feysal’s Mom Who Lost Him In Mogadishu Blast

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Help Feysal’s Mom Who Lost Him In Mogadishu Blast

December 26, 2018| Arlaadi Online

As you may know, Mogadishu has experienced a massive twin blast on Saturday, 22nd of December 2018 in which more than 29 people have lost their lives and at least 54 people have suffered severe life-threatening injuries.

Feysal Salaad Samoow, a selfless volunteer and passionate youth activist was among those who were senselessly perished in the second explosion after surviving the first bombing that hit a security check point near Somalia’s national theater. Five minutes before the second blast, activist Samoow posted his status on Facebook saying “Thank God, I passed through the site of the first explosion five minutes ago, and I Pray for the victims” but Samow was confirmed to have died in the second explosion. His Facebook posts broke the internet and went viral in the social media, where thousands of Somalis around the world have shown sympathy and sent their condolences. The saddest part is that Feysal was planning to marry his longtime sweetheart before the end of this month but that dream vanished, unfortunately.

To anyone who knew him, Feysal was an incredible human, son, brother, teacher and a friend. He was passionate volunteer and change agent who was among Go 2 School initiative teachers. Go 2 School is a program launched by the government of Somalia with the aim of getting a million children and young people into school in three years. Feysal was passionate about his students, often taking note of those who needed an extra boost of confidence and doing whatever it took to brighten their self esteem.


Feysal’s passing is tragic not only for his loss of life but also for the deep devastating effects on his mother’s heart who previously lost her dearly husband and innocent son (Feysal’s young brother) in a similar horrific attacks.

In 2016, Salaad Samoow, the father of Feysal was murdered by unknown gunmen in Beledweyne town in central Somalia while his younger brother who was with his father at the epicenter of the attack has suffered severe life-threatening injuries and later he was transferred to Mogadishu for medical treatment. Also, it was only last year when Mama Khadija lost her other son in a similar terrorist attack on Nasa Hablod hotel in October 2017. She has lost a member of her own family every year since 2016 in such horrific attacks without getting anything more than sympathy and words of condolences. Surprisingly, as of now, no perpetrator was brought to justice for those crimes. Read more Help Feysal’s Mom Who Lost Him In Mogadishu Blast

Please, donate! Know that any amount — no matter how small — will benefit Feysal’s heart-broken mother. Your donation will make a significant difference in the lives of our deceased brother’s family. 

NB: If you are unable to pay through Go Fund Me, you can send your donations via remittance e.g. TAAJ, EVC or Dahabshiil with one of the following contacts.

1. Abdiweli Omar Ali, Mogadishu, tell +25615584231
2. Mohamed Isse Shidane, Mogadishu, tell +252615700005  

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