Mo Ibrahim foundation: Somalia ranks 54 out of 54 in overall governance

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Mo Ibrahim foundation: Somalia ranks 54 out of 54 in overall governance

October 30, 2018| Arlaadi Online

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Arlaadi Online reports that the 2018 Ibrahim Index of African Governance was launched by the foundation during a live event on Monday.

South Sudan has been ranked the second most badly governed nation on the continent, Africa, after Somalia by the Mo Ibrahim 2018 Index of African Governance.Mo Ibrahim African Index on Governance (File/Supplied/

Somalia scored 13.6 in overall governance, ranking 54 out of 54 countries in Africa, the Mo Ibrahim foundation says.

Overall, it says, Africa’s countries have struggled to improve their governance in the past 10 years, with Somalia scoring zero in all the areas of governance.

The survey, which spanned over a decade, focused on how each African nation faired in human development, safety and the of rule of law, participation and human rights as well as sustainable economic development aspects.

“Key governance areas are not progressing fast enough to keep up with rising demands, and more specifically to answer the growing expectations of Africa’s youth, who are now forming the majority of our continent, and still expected to rise by almost 20% in the next decade,” Mohamed Ibrahim, a British-Sudanese business man who own the foundation said.

He advised that all aspects of governance must be citizen-centered, saying that Rule of Law, Transparency and Accountability are key to progress in governance, and strongly related to improving economic opportunities.

“I hope this Index and its findings can continue to be a useful tool to help strengthen African governance,” he added.

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