Somalia: Country Humanitarian Communiqué, June – July 2017

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Somalia: Country Humanitarian Communiqué, June – July 2017



The Gu rains were late and short with total rainfall more than 50 per cent below average in the affected areas most affected by the resulting severe drought. While the Gu rains did help some areas, yields will likely be reduced and it will be difficult to offset the high level of asset loss.
With US$767 million in donor support, humanitarians have massively scaled up response in coordination with authorities across Somalia. Continuing this level of support will be necessary for the rest of 2017 to prevent worsening food insecurity and protect livelihoods. Already lack of adequate funding means some sectors such as food security, health and WASH have already scaled back activities. In June, about 2.5 million people were reached with food and safety nets, a drop from 2.7 million in May.
Much of the food assistance is through cash programming.

Over 18.5 million heads of livestock were treated against diseases, benefiting 2.8 million people. The AWD/cholera case fatality rate of 1.5 per cent remains above the one per cent emergency threshold and cases continue to be reported, especially in Somaliland; that said, the situation is increasingly under control. While some sectors have sustained current levels of response, others such as WASH have scaled back due to lack of funding. Additional funding is needed to sustain the response.


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