Video | A Somali super mum in Sweden: The Mothers of Rinkeby

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Video | A Somali super mum in Sweden: The Mothers of Rinkeby

September 9, 2018| Arlaadi Online

Life in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby seen through the eyes of a mother fighting to improve life for its residents. 

Voices from Sweden that have never been heard before.

Iman works for the Rinkeby municipality. She is a part of a nightly patrol comprising mothers living in the suburb. [Al Jazeera]

A group of Somali super mums patrol the streets of Sweden’s infamous suburb Rinkeby to prevent crime and inspire a generation of youth. Across Europe, the far right is on the rise and it has some of the continent’s most diverse communities in its crosshairs. To the far right, these neighbourhoods are no-go zones that challenge their notion of what it means to be European. Read more A Somali super mum in Sweden

Credit: Aljazeera


Somali mothers was is and will always be the backbone of the society unlike Somali men. I shed tears when at the end hurting me seeing Somali hooyos suffer like that. I live in Somalia for 15 years and I owe my success after Allah to my mother. Without her I would got lost in this crazy world we live in. Please come back to Somalia and bring back your children, we need your efforts here more than places like Rinkeby or others. (Check my channel I post videos about untold side of Somalia) may Allah swt bless our mothers and may He protect you Amin.

abdirahim mahdi

The question is Where are the Somali men ?

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