Warbixin: Farmaajo iyo Guterres oo saddex jeer telefoon ku wada hadlay, maxaa telefoonka la iskugu damiyay? Maxayse noqon saameeynta uu dagaalkoodu ku yeelan doono Soomaaliya.


Warbixin: Farmaajo iyo Guterres oo saddex jeer telefoon ku wada hadlay, maxaa telefoonka la iskugu damiyay? Maxayse noqon saameeynta uu dagaalkoodu ku yeelan doono Soomaaliya.

January 6, 2019| Arlaadi Online

Haysom sheekadu waa soo dhaaftay hada dagaalku wuxuu u dhaxeeyaa Farmaajo iyo Guterres

Akhriso warbixinta hoose si aad u ogaato in UN-ka iyo Xukuumada Soomaaliya aysan waxba isdhaamin. Soomaaliya oo dhexda u gashay Corruption iyo dagaal caalami ah.

Xiriirka Farmaajo iyo Guterres oo aad u xumaaday, gaarayna in telefoonka la isku damiyo

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Sida ay wakaaladda wararka ee AP u sheegeen diblomaasiyiin xogogaal ah, xoghayaha guud ee Qaramada Midoobay wuxuu saddex cisho gudahood laba goor  telefoono kula hadlay Madaxweyne Farmaajo, oo uu isku dayay inuu ku qanciyo inuu ka noqdo go’aanka uu ku eryay danjire Haysom, laakiin sida uu warku sheegay Farmaajo ayaa xoghayaha guud ee Qarmaada Midoobay ka diiday inuu ka noqdo go’aankaas uu danjire Haysom ku cayriyay, iyada oo wararka qaarna ay sheegeen in Farmaajo uu telefoonka ku damiyay Guterres.

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After Somalia PNGs Haysom and UN Guterres Sells Him Out Echoes of Sri Lanka and Mobility Policy

When the UN tried to send an SRSG to Iraq and the government objected, the decision was reversed. But never, UN staff tell Inner City Press, has a UN Secretary General given in as quickly as Guterres has to Somalia. They tell Inner City Press exclusively that Guterres was hung up on on the phone. 

Where the UNSG is and how much it costs, refuses Inner City Press’ questions about why it is not a conflict of interest to refuse to audit CEFC when in 2018 it tried to buy Partex Oil & Gas from the Gulbenkian Foundation of which Guterres has been a paid board member The UN supports and funds AMISOM in Somalia but rarely answers when AMISOM kills people. But this time AMISOM has stepped in it, and the UN should be required to answer the Press, even as corrupt Secretary General bans it for the 166nd day. Our correspondents told us: “the Ethiopian contingent under AMISOM abducted Mukhtar Robow Ali, former Al Shabab number 2 and candidate to Southwest state of Somalia. 

The amisom handed over to Somalia federal government who was not happy to his candidacy. As result people took to the street and at least 10 people was killed by Ethiopian/Amisom.  Amisom works under U.N. Peacekeeping framework (outsourced project) and is funded by EU and US. Somalia police participated the killing is under the payroll of UNDP.  Hours past still no words from UN bosses [because they are corrupt]. The city is preparing to more riot and conflict.  Robow is no longer under U.N. or International sanctions and recently met the U.N. envoy however the government of Somalia is exploiting the weaknesses of Amisom through corruption to the highest officials.  

Dozen Somali federal MPs accused the Amisom envoy as taking sides and may have benefited financially from the government.” On December 14 banned Inner City Press in writing asked the UN, before a noon briefing it was banned from and in which no one allowed in asked any question about anything in Africa, much less Somalia, asked “December 14-3: Read more After Somalia PNGs Haysom and UN Guterres Sells Him Out Echoes of Sri Lanka and Mobility Policy

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