let the whole world know that we are Somali. Who is Somali?

let the whole world know that we are Somali. Who is Somali?

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Arbaco June 14, 2017| Arlaadi Online 

Cabdulqaadir Xirsi Siyaad (Abwaan Yamyam), beautifully defined the meaning of Soomaalinimo in a poem that he devised during the 1977 war. A master piece, that professes the Somali ethos.

Somaali waa Kuma? / Who is Somali?

Somalis are asked:

The moving times
The successive days
Reflect over the seasons
If you are a learned person
Go back to the annals of history
Who is Somali?

Somalis answer:

I am on equal footing with equality
Not allow a single soul
to be superior to me
I don’t employ deception
and confer them as gifts
I am Somali!

Neither man’s stroking of my head
Nor his lace on my legs [duplicity] do I accept
Persuasion I do not approve
As for secrets [about me] I say
A Saab [vessel] that hold no water
I am Somali!

Though I am impoverished
Yet my hardships I endure
As I stretch no hand [to beg]
I do not equate a friend of mine
with my enemy
I am Somali!

My destiny has been determined
My hoard (of food for that journey) is an aloe
My intent is known to all
My sword is [made of] poison
My soul has been suspended from a tree
I am Somali!

A man who endangers me lives not in peace
He, who is swung at, will not sit idle
Gratitude I have not yet abandoned
Nor do I support not any transgression
And a wronged man I compare not with others
I am Somali!

I am in a quest for peace
And from enmity I am terrified
But [from the battlefield] I flee not
And the man who brings wounds
From his hands I await not [I launch assault] I am Somali!

I am of a step with the wind
And on impulse I do not act
I am like fangs of poison [when provoked]
And at times, the bearer of good [when dealt with peace]
I am swathed in patience
I am Somali!

To whom my ways do not appeal
As he wishes I do not comply with
Like some parts of the world
Compulsion I do not accept
Nor do I carry any man’s shoes
I am Somali!

Oh you who is wealthier than I
Flaunting your charity
Would not tempt me [in no time at all]
Say not, too, persuade the ignorant
For I have not a conscious that sleeps
I am Somali!

I am a single hide [one Greater Somalia] that had been torn apart
[But] forever branded all over [with Somali] Some men once dis-integrated me
Whilst I tended to my flocks
[But] the obligation of unity I [still] carry
I am Somali!

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The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home. – Confucius

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. Jimi Hendrix

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