*Mudane Mareyye Eed ma laha.* By Yaasmiin Axmed Salaad

April 12, 2020| Arlaadi Online

Wasiir Maareeye: Dhulka Wasrahadda Iyo Hargaha Saamaha Ee ...


This advert is a symptom of a bigger problem. It is an indication of how far we have fallen as people and country as a whole. Though it is wise to expect more of our leaders and such an action should rightly be publicly criticised; however, there must also be a degree of realism and we need recognise where we stand in the grand scheme of things.

When government, civilisation and infrastructure has more or less crumpled, how are attributes such as manners etiquette and common decency to survive?

When leadership is mostly comprised of uncouth individuals happy to be like the next sheep in the flock and continue to govern in ignorance, is it any wonder we find ourselves here today?

So to my fellow champions for change, I say this: do not just fixate on this singular problem, remove your blinders and focus on the root cause.

To the ones in leadership, I say this: do better! We, as the people, demand nothing less.

*Mudane Mareeye Eed ma laha.*

ILAAHAY kuwaa daacad ah uu raalli ka yahay ha innogu beddelo kooxdaan qaatiga laga taagan yahay.

Amiin Yaa RABB.

Nuurun calaa Nuur.

W.Q. Yaasmiin Axmed Daahir

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