Must watch: Africa Beyond Aid Ghanaian President Tell The West To Keep Their Money

Must watch: Africa Beyond Aid Ghanaian President Tell The West To Keep Their Money

December 28, 2017| Arlaadi Online 

Ghanaian President Akufo-Addo Makes a Speech on Africa Beyond Aid -at the African Royal Society.

“We shall move Africa Beyond Aid”. – Akufo-Addo

President Akufo-Addo has taken his campaign to create a Ghana beyond aid to Europe declaring he is determined to discard what he terms a mindset of dependency and living on handouts.

Speaking at an event hosted by the Royal African Society at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, he questioned how the UK and other donor countries spend their aid money on the continent.

The President spoke about how confident he is that Africans shall work to take Africa to where it deserves to be; as a prosperous and dynamic member of the world community.

“We need to, and we shall move Africa Beyond Aid,” he stressed adding Africa no longer wants to be the default place to go to find the footage to illustrate famine stories.

“We no longer want to offer the justification for those who want to be rude and abusive about Africa and her peoples. It is time to build our economies that are not dependent on charity and handouts…We have learnt from long and bitter experience that, no matter how generous the charity, we would, and, indeed, we have remained poor,” he said.

When he hosted Pres. Emmanuel Macron of France, Pres. Nana Akufo-Addo of Ghana loudly said that AFRICA must stop relying on Europe for handouts: Since independence in 1957, Ghana has been playing same “independence “ guitar ad nauseam .. Ghana loves hot air platitudes.

Ghanaian President Embarrass French President With Shocking Speech

Also read: Dead Aid. Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa

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In the past fifty years, more than $1 trillion in development-related aid has been transferred from rich countries to Africa. Has this assistance improved the lives of Africans? No. In fact, across the continent, the recipients of this aid are not better off as a result of it, but worse—much worse.

In Dead Aid, Dambisa Moyo describes the state of postwar development policy in Africa today and unflinchingly confronts one of the greatest myths of our time: that billions of dollars in aid sent from wealthy countries to developing African nations has helped to reduce poverty and increase growth.

In fact, poverty levels continue to escalate and growth rates have steadily declined—and millions continue to suffer. Provocatively drawing a sharp contrast between African countries that have rejected the aid route and prospered and others that have become aid-dependent and seen poverty increase, Moyo illuminates the way in which overreliance on aid has trapped developing nations in a vicious circle of aid dependency, corruption, market distortion, and further poverty, leaving them with nothing but the “need” for more aid.

Debunking the current model of international aid, Moyo offers a bold new road map for financing development of the world’s poorest countries that guarantees economic growth and a significant decline in poverty—without reliance on foreign aid or aid-related assistance.

Dead Aid is an unsettling yet optimistic work, a powerful challenge to the assumptions and arguments that support a profoundly misguided development policy in Africa. And it is a clarion call to a new, more hopeful vision of how to address the desperate poverty that plagues millions.

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