Must watch: Madaxweynihii hore ee Puntland Cabdiweli Gaas ayaa Buuga uu qoray ee A Challenging Transition in Somalia oo uu kaga hadlay xaalada Soomaaliya wuxuu ku karbaashay Sheekh Shariif iyo Faroole, isaga oo dhinaca kalena sheegay in xil laga qabto Soomaaliya aysan u fiicnayn Caafiimaad ahaan, Qooys ahaan iyo Aakhiradaada+ Xildhibaan Cali Xoosh oo si adag u dhaleeceeyay Gaas oo ku tilmaamay Akhyaar ay ka mid yihiin Faroole iyo Xildhibaanka Midowga Shayaadiinta 

September 24, 2019| Arlaadi Online

Abdiweli on Sheikh Sharif in “Preparation for the Presidential Election”, page 109 of A challenging transition in Somalia, a story of personal courage and conviction: “I did not think Sheikh Sharif was the right person for the presidency …..The entire year I was in office, the President and I had merely a formal relationship….. He tried to single-handed create fifty-six additional districts within the span of three months …. merely to win votes. He had promoted thirty-four colonels-all at once-to the rank of generals……… Where were the troops for the Generals?”

Abdiweli claims both President Sharif and then House Speaker-Elect Mohamed Osman Jawari had practiced all delaying tactics in completing and adopting the Constitution in their attempt to de-rail the Roadmap.

Of particular importance in the text are the quarrelsome relationships between the Transitional Federal Government (The Center) and Regional Administrations (The Peripheries) at the time, and important role the PM played to bring them together to agree upon completing the National Constitution and holding of election of the Parliament.

The author touches on his difficult relations with then President of Puntland, Abdirahman Farole. In “Selecting the Elders’ for the National constituent Assembly (NCA), page 106 of A challenging transition in Somalia, a story of personal courage and conviction, “This was when my problem with Farole began…… Puntland was allocated 17 Elders out of the total of 135. ……… Farole, however, sent more than 25 candidates from Puntland to Mogadishu, the majority of who were not genuine elders.”

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